The saree has always been an iconic symbol of femininity and grace for Indian women. 

However, this six-yard drape is never complete without its better half—the quintessential saree


Interestingly, sarees have been worn by Indian women for over a thousand years. However, readymade saree blouses are a more recent addition, having been around for less than a century. 

Did you know that the first saree blouses were just strips of fabric draped around the bust and held in place with a knot? The modern blouse style, as we know it, is believed to have European influences. This design is attributed to Gyananadini Devi from Bengal. 

Today, we cannot imagine the existence of the saree without a blouse. Although the design and style of saree blouses have evolved, it remains an irreplaceable companion of the saree. Join us as we explore more about this important Indian garment.  

What exactly is a saree blouse? 

The saree blouse is a garment that is worn over the upper body. It extends from the neck to the waistline and typically ends few inches above the belly button. This garment is form-fitting and tailored to closely match the natural measurements of the upper body. 

The original practice was to have the saree blouse stitched by a tailor for one’s exact measurements. However, things have changed over the last several years. We have lazy substitutes for the traditional blouse in the form of readymade saree blouses. Most women prefer this option since it is convenient and easily available.  

Readymade blouses are made according to standard sizing charts. So, all you need to do is find one that is closest to your actual measurements. You can even alter it if necessary, so that it perfectly fits. The best thing about readymade saree blouses is that it can save you the hassle of finding a talented tailor. 

As fashion trends changed, the saree blouse has also taken on new avatars. The current trend is to experiment with unique and unusual designer blouses that are just as attractive as the saree. Latest blouse designs are bold and beautiful that they can even form the statement element of your overall look. 

However, bear in mind that just like it can enhance your overall look, the wrong saree blouse can also spoil your entire look. 

Here are our expert tips to make sure that you do not go wrong with your saree blouse choice. 

Pay attention to the fit and cut

Any blouse, irrespective of the style and design, should always fit snugly. It should neither be too tight nor too loose. Instead, it should sit comfortably on the torso. 

When buying a readymade blouse, you may not always find one that matches your exact measurements. However, this shouldn’t be a problem. Pay attention to the sizing charts to find one the size that is closest to your actual measurements. Learn how to accurately measure yourself by clicking here. Once you find your closest size, you can get the blouse adjusted to fit you perfectly with slight alterations. At Raas, we perform custom alterations upon request. All you must do is share your exact measurements when placing your order. 

Choose a flattering style 

The options are endless in modern saree blouses. Latest blouse designs include opulent embellishments, striking neck designs and interesting keyhole cut-outs. Designer blouse designs also feature different sleeve lengths, sleeve styles and fabric choices. Whether you prefer traditional designs or ultra-fashionable modern blouses, you will be spoilt for choice. 

However, bear in mind that not all blouse designs look good on all body types. Pay attention to your body type to find styles that flatter you. As a rule, look for styles that draw attention to your best assets while distracting from the less desirable parts. 

Match it to your saree

Unless your blouse complements your saree, you can end up with a disjointed look. Your saree and saree blouse should work together in a cohesive, yet impactful manner. 

Although color is a huge factor when mixing and matching, it is not the only aspect to consider.  Also pay attention to the saree fabric and style when choosing the blouse. If your saree is heavily embellished, a simple blouse will keep the overall look balanced and uncluttered. However, you can dress up a simple saree with an opulent or flashy blouse. 

When choosing blouses, also consider whether it is suitable for the occasion and weather. For instance, trendy deep-cut necklines and highly embellished blouses are unsuitable for formal occasions. 

Prioritize comfort and convenience

It is almost impossible to relax in a blouse that is too tight or too loose. A poorly tailored blouse will also make you feel uncomfortable. To make sure that a blouse doesn’t cause any discomfort, try it on before the actual occasion. You can make suitable adjustments if it doesn’t fit correctly. 

Choose the blouse fabric and style with the weather in mind. Heavily embellished silk and velvet blouses are not suitable for outdoor ceremonies in warm weather. Similarly, sleek designs that expose most of your back or arms will make you uncomfortable in cold weather. Also, make sure that you choose designs that are not too revealing for your taste. Choose bold elements like backless details or a plunging neckline only if you are comfortable with wearing it.

A good saree blouse will enhance your overall style quotient and make you feel confident. It will allow you to carry the saree with grace and elegance. Well-fitted, beautiful blouses will instantly perk up any saree and make it look stunning. So, pay close attention to the choice you make. 

Readymade blouses and designer blouse designs are the convenient choice to look fabulous with minimum effort. Make your look matter with blouses that make a statement. Explore the collection of fashionable, designer-quality, readymade saree blouses at Raas, the global desi to find the perfect readymade saree blouse for any occasion.