Growing Together

Make a positive global when you buy Raas World products

Over the past decades, Mother Earth has sustained enduring damage from our reckless fashion and lifestyle choices. The damage is so significant that at this juncture we are forced to think beyond sustainability.As an eco-sensitive and evolving fashion brand, Raas realizes that regenerative practices are the way forward. And to reverse the existent damage, changes should begin at the grassroots. Raas aims to make significant leaps in this direction by supporting the communities and eco-system at the fundamental level. Our efforts begin right from our manufacturing unit and extend to every aspect of the business. Read on to find out about the different steps we take to realize our vision of sustainability. 

Fair wages and working conditions

We believe that satisfied and happy employees are the backbone of a successful business. As an ethically responsible fashion brand, all our employees receive fair wages. They work in safe and secure environments, and we give them ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

Making fashion worthwhile with handmade

We are proud of the fact our intricate and artisan-quality designs are a class apart from the mass-produced stuff plaguing markets. Our outfits boast grandeur, finesse, and unique aesthetic quality because they are handmade. More importantly, choosing to use handmade allows us to support the livelihood of skilled artisans and keep traditional crafts alive. 

Every sale makes a difference

We come one step closer to making a positive impact on the planet and the working communities associated with our business with every sale. When you buy an outfit from us, you give us the means to support incredible craftsmen and their families and keep their skills alive. 

Minimizing our carbon footprint

We focus on eco-friendly practices at every level to minimize our environmental impact. Using organic fabrics and reducing fabric wastage, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint. We also use eco-friendly packaging and minimize the use of resources.

Designs that transcend trends

Our overriding goal is to create beautiful and evergreen outfits of the finest quality. By honing the expertise of skilled craftsmen, using time-tested construction techniques, and high-quality fabric and embellishments, we create outfits that transcend trends. When you invest in collections at Raas, you get unique heirloom-quality pieces with timeless appeal. 

Engaging the power of give and take

Raas is a strong network of people from various walks of life who seamlessly make our brand what it is. Our working community consists of weavers, artisans, and dressmakers in India as well as photographers and dressmakers in Chicago. By forging mutually beneficial relationships with people at every level, we build our business. We also honor their invaluable contributions through long-term commitments and career and personal growth opportunities. Your fashion choices have a bigger impact on the environment than you may realize. A dress, or an outfit, is truly beautiful in every sense, only when its design and fabric preserve and celebrate the integrity of the planet and its people. Partner with Raas in our eco-conscious fashion journey today! Be sustainably stylish!