Curated designs, classy collections and contemporary craftsmanship define Raas —your unique shopping destination for exquisite, designer quality, ethnic Indian outfits with contemporary edge. Our trendy collection boasts of fashion-forward lehengas, dresses, gowns, sarees, blouses and accessories for all Indian occasions and celebrations. The concept and very name of Raas is inspired by the Sanskrit word “Raas.”

Raas literally means “aesthetics” in Sanskrit. However, this word is deep-rooted in Indian tradition and has profound connotations. Synonymous with the legendary tales of Lord Krishna, this term upholds the very essence and fiber of Indian culture and beauty. “Raas.” exemplifies the amalgamation of colors, royalty, tenderness, emotions, nature and above all, creation. Rich colors, opulent decorations and pure, mesmerizing joy permeated the space. This abundance of beauty, vivid hues and grandeur is the inspiration and vision for the idea of Raas . Raas aims to gratify you with a varied amalgamation of colors and craftsmanship. We are honored and thrilled to bring this concept alive through exceptional Indian ethnic collections of lehengas, salwar suits, sarees and blouses. Every creation from Raas celebrates creativity, colors and unbeatable quality. Through customized craftsmanship, we strive to celebrate your Indian bearing with the finest outfits and add satisfaction and pride to all auspicious events in your life.

Based in Chicago, USA, Raas caters to the modern expectations of the Global Desi—the world citizen with Indian roots, who is quintessentially Indian at heart. Although she lives in another part of the world, she still cherishes her rich ethnic heritage and embraces it with poise and elegance. While everything around her in a foreign land is different from that of her homeland, the proud Global Desi holds on to the customs that define her origins. So, she celebrates traditional festivities with utmost regard and pride. Raas aims to indulge the ethnic disposition of the Global Desi, by equipping her with traditional outfits with modern edge. We strive to re-invent India’s remarkable ancient clothing design tradition through interpretations that resonate with the expectations of the modern woman. While keeping traditions intact by using age-old techniques and designs, Raas also creates new fashion statements that are relevant in today’s fashion scene. Each outfit piece from Raas boasts of excellent attention to detail and exquisite quality. Elaborate outfits with “couture” elements are the mainstay of Raas The Global Desi. By blending ethnic elements with opulent embellishments and fine details, our creations are skilful masterpieces that will not go unnoticed. Living overseas shouldn’t restrict you from dressing your ethnic best on traditional occasions. Gear up for epic Diwali, Navaratri, weddings, and more special occasions with bespoke outfits from Raas. Our magnificent lehengas, salwar suits, dresses, gowns, sarees and blouses will not only add confidence to your stride, but also help you look as regal as a peacock on any special occasion. Universally flattering and splendid at every level, they are guaranteed to flaunt your femininity.


We believe that satisfied and happy employees are the backbone of a successful business. As an ethically responsible fashion brand, all our employees receive fair wages. They work in safe and secure environments, and we give them ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. 


We are proud of the fact our intricate and artisan-quality designs are a class apart from the mass-produced stuff plaguing markets. Our outfits boast grandeur, finesse, and unique aesthetic quality because they are handmade. More importantly, choosing to use handmade allows us to support the livelihood of skilled artisans and keep traditional crafts alive. 



Over the past decades, Mother Earth has sustained enduring damage from our reckless fashion and lifestyle choices. The damage is so significant that at this juncture we are forced to think beyond sustainability.As an eco-sensitive and evolving fashion brand, RAAS realizes that regenerative practices are the way forward. And to reverse the existent damage, changes should begin at the grassroots. RAAS aims to make significant leaps in this direction by supporting the communities and eco-system at the fundamental level. Our efforts begin right from our manufacturing unit and extend to every aspect of the business. Read on to find out about the different steps we take to realize our vision of sustainability. 


We focus on eco-friendly practices at every level to minimize our environmental impact. From using and repurposing fabrics to reducing fabric wastage, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint. We also use eco-friendly packaging and minimize the use of resources.

Shreya Patel, the creative director and founder of RAAS, began her journey into professional fashion design at age 51. In 2018, she launched RAAS, a South Asian fashion label. As the brand flourished, she felt compelled to address sustainability and ethics in manufacturing. To overcome this, she started her own design house, enrolling in courses at Parsons School of Design to acquire essential skills.

Shreya's mission goes beyond fashion. Amid the pandemic, she employed artisans in her design house, embracing ethical practices and turning her passion into purpose. RAAS continues to innovate with each season, reflecting Shreya's vision.

In her ongoing quest for sustainable, high-quality designer apparel, Shreya and her daughter, Axi Patel, launched TANISI, a line focusing on timeless Western casuals. Their goal is to empower individuals with high-quality clothing that transcends trends, showcasing the expertise of artisans.

The label aims to empower you to rise above life's challenges, with each piece designed to make you feel confident and bold. This mother-daughter duo debuted their first collection at NYFW in February 2022, marking the beginning of an inspiring journey.