The Ultimate Guide to Different Dupatta Draping Styles With Lehenga

Trendy Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles for The Women of Today

Looking for ideas to style your lehenga with a dupatta? Check out this guide to different dupatta draping styles and get inspiration!

If you're ready to take your lehenga look to the next level, why not try a different dupatta draping style? From simple and classic looks to trendier and more elegant styles, there are many ways you can bring some extra flair to your lehenga.

Well, nothing changes up your look faster than a dupatta drape (nothing non-surgical anyway)! ;) You could have worn your anarkali/ lehenga once and had your photos all over Facebook but change up the drape the next time, and it will look like a spanking new outfit.

Draping a lehenga dupatta is an art form that allows you to achieve a stunning look with the same lehenga. With some creativity, you can create different looks for different occasions. From subtle and elegant to bold and dramatic, there are many ways to drape your dupatta and make it look unique. The possibilities are endless! Whether you're looking for a traditional or modern look, draping your lehenga dupatta is an easy way to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

So Learn different ways to drape a Lehenga Dupatta & wow everyone with the variety of ways one can wear a lehenga dupatta. Sounds interesting? Read on.

Check our step by step Video guide

Saree Style Lehenga Dupatta Drape

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta In Different Styles

Hold it across your wrist oh princess

Pleated one side drape

Cowl-Style Lehenga dupatta

Gujarati front pallu drape

Drape tucked in the waist style

Gown look

Single Dupatta Draping Styles

Hold the single dupatta around the elbows

Dupatta Draping Over the Arms

Just pinned on the top of the head and brought forward on the arms and chest

Open drape around the neck and chest

Dupatta pleated and pinned to a shoulder, and then other corner pinned to lehenga near the bottom

Dupatta over one shoulder and arm

One draped over the head and chest, and the other let loose on one shoulder

Off shoulder like drape with waistband

One over the head and brought to the front on both sides, the other draped like a deep U

One over the head and then brought over shoulders, the other draped like a Gujarati saree

Pleated neatly and small over one shoulder

Dupatta opened up and draped over the body diagonally

Over both the elbows from behind, but draped over one of the arms too

Tucked into the waist and taken over the opposite arm and shoulder

The classic chic look is to have elongated dupatta draped over one shoulder with a chunky statement earring. This style looks best on heavier lehengas with deeper colors. You can also experiment with pleats if you want to try something different and give yourself a contemporary look. For a modern twist, let the dupatta hang straight down from both the shoulders and adorn it with statement earrings, bracelets or neck pieces!