Trending designs for navratri Chaniya choli 2021

Exclusively designed for the season of Navratri, Chaniya Cholis have been the traditional Gujarati staple for women. Representing the ethnicity and rich flavors of the Chaniyos are the colored petticoat or skirt-like garments worn to address the diversity the Indian society holds. With Cholis on top of the Chaniyas, the combination of Navratri Chaniya Choli are a bliss to wear. Blazoned in unique designs and bold patterns, these timeless shapes, and hand-embroidered embellishments have brought the versatile and age-old Indian traditions back into the spotlight.

Grooving to the beats of Garba feels impressive when you are dressed up in a sensational Chaniya Choli. So it's time now you join hands with Raas and feel free to explore the luxuriously ravishing range of exotic Chaniya Cholis for Navratri 2021.

Top designs Navratri Chaniya Cholis 2021

1)Designer Georgette Lehenga Choli-CC3212


This Navrati gets a Chaniya Choli combination that hymns with your Garba move effortlessly. You are sure to dress up in a fashion statement with this flattering full flare ( 18 - 20 meters) tier lehenga. Fabricated on georgette, the dress's versatility is best described by the way it prepares you up for parties, functions, mehndi, special occasions, and events. Sprucing it up with stylish jewelry and high heels is the next best thing to do.

2)Green silk lehenga choli-CC3209


The dazzling Choli set hints at a marvel as the perfect match for the upcoming Garba night. Your dandiya nights are ready to be filled in with the colors of joy, love, and prosperity when the beautiful dress brings you into the spotlight. Get ready to get dressed like a dream girl in a stunning blue full flare(6 to 8 meters) silk lehenga at any occasion, whether it is for a wedding, engagement, or festival. It will form a beautiful canvas for you to play with color and textures.

3)Blue silk lehenga choli-CC3198

Draped in with the rich textures and vibrant colours, the blue silk lehenga choli dress sweet chins your Garba music while you dance to the rhythm of the soulful songs. Showing the Indian culture's blissfulness, the dress brings an aesthetic looking aura. Being the one-stop-shop of your dreams, Raas introduces the Navratri Special Chaniya Choli to mix in Gujarati flavors to the palette. Deck this blue lehenga Choli up with ethnic Indian jewelry in gold, silver, or rose gold and effortlessly steal the spotlight!

4)Green silk lehenga choli-CC3194 

Choose this color in your lehenga style, and be assured to look your ravishing best in it. The ethnic green lehenga style fabricated in the glittery silk material serves as a talisman for women dressed for imbibing the Gujarati essence and flavors. Alluding to one of the most deeply religious societies and cultures, the class of this outfit has an unmatched aura.

The Raas World connects you to the ethnic flavors of the Gujaratis

Here at Raas we serve you exotic Lehenga/Chaniya Cholis for the exceptional Navratri season. We at Raas aim to grace the silhouettes of women everywhere when dressing the occasion up in style. With unique designs and bold patterns, the symbolic Garba dresses hold every nuance of the numerous yet greatest religions of the world. With the timeless shapes and hand-embroidered embellishments, our pieces will undoubtedly set you apart from the rest in the best way possible.