Mehendi outfit ideas 2021

Mehendi Outfit Ideas 2021

The Mehendi ceremony marks the beginning of the wedding festivities. This event is an explosion of fun and merriment with song, dance, laughter, and vibrant colors adding cheer to the evening. It is also the perfect opportunity to flaunt your finest outfit and jewelry and look your best. 

Choosing the perfect outfit for a Mehendi ceremony does not have to be too complicated! Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest, you have fantastic Mehendi outfit ideas to explore in 2021. From opulent traditional lehengas and sarees to modern dresses and gowns, there are umpteen choices. 

So, let’s cut right to the chase! Spruce up your style statement and win the stamp of approval with our trendy Mehendi outfit ideas for 2021. 

Fun with florals

chaniya choli 2021
chaniya choli 2021

Flowers have the innate power to enhance the femininity of an outfit while keeping it exciting and elegant.  Look graceful and buoyant with dainty florals as the signature style element of your outfit.

All-over floral prints will enhance the beauty of soft and light lehenga skirts and help you look effortlessly stylish. For added sophistication, pair a breezy skirt silhouette with a beautiful silk or satin blouse with classy hand-embroidery or Zari embellishments. 


Shades of yellow

yellow lehenga
saree online
yellow lehenga choli


Yellow is traditionally associated with Haldi functions. So, go with this color for your Mehendi outfit for a traditional look. Nonetheless, enhance your style quotient with exciting textures, embellishments, and prints in your outfit. 

Simple details like tiers in the skirt, a plunging neckline, or a printed dupatta will do wonders and help you stand out. 


Stick with silk

lehenga choli online
lehenga choli online

The exquisite charm of silk is unbeatable, whether it is a saree, lehenga, or dress. The soft luster, graceful fall, and smooth drape of this fabric create an air of regality. 

Go all out with brocade, Zari and Zardozi work with silk lehengas, sarees, or dresses for Mehendi functions. Or keep it simple but stylish with statement colors.  Fine embellishments like silk thread embroidery and mirror accents in the hemline of the skirt and blouse will also add to the charm of your outfit. 

Contemporary touches with tiers and ruffles

ruffle lehenga choli

Two of the most popular trends in festive outfits are tiers and ruffles. These whimsical details add a contemporary twist to traditional styles. 

Ruffles in the sleeves and yoke of blouses and saree hemlines are hot. These versatile accents can easily transform simple dresses into masterpieces of art. 

Marry neutrals with tropical colors for vivid combinations

Bright and vibrant outfits with traditional colorful prints are an indispensable part of Mehendi ceremonies. But the modern trend is to balance these exuberant colors with muted neutrals. 

leheriya lehenga
bandhej lehenga
bandhej lehenga
high law dress

Create a striking combination by pairing traditional prints like Bandhej or Leheriya in the skirt or saree with black cholis or dupattas. The vivid contrast will make your overall look intentional and impactful. 

Refresh your wardrobe with sarees, lehengas, and dresses that feature the versatile and trendy details we discussed. Explore the brand-new festive collections at Raas. Arm yourself with outfits that fit the latest themes, and look your glam best at every Mehendi ceremony in 2021. 

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