Hottest chaniya choli trend for Navratri 2022

The classic chaniya choli is the first thing to come to mind when you think of garba and Navaratri. Chaniya choli for Navaratri is so famous that it’s often familiar as the Navaratri Garba dress. Fortunately, Chaniya choli dresses are spectacularly beautiful and easier to carry. Its die-for flair makes it a quintessential Garba dress. 

An insight into Hottest trends of Chaniya Choli for Navratri 2022

Do you want to get styled beautifully for this Navratri event? Consider the below-mentioned hottest chaniya choli USA trends to slay. 

  1. Gamthi embroidered chaniya choli. 


chaniya choli

Gamthi chaniya cholis are among the most popular outfits for cultural festivals like Navratri and Garba nights. This is also a traditional attire in Gujrat and Rajasthan states. This embroidery trend is all about colorful threads. A colorful, chic Gamthi embroidered chaniya choli can give you a vibrant look for Navratri. 

Consider having a full-flared and vibrant colored embroidered chaniya to create a charismatic look at Navratri. Due to changing styles, you can also find renovations in the Gamthi embroidery designs. So, finding your right Gamthi chaniya choli USA isn't difficult anymore. 

2. Consider mirror worked chaniya choli.

Mirrorwork chaniya choli


3.Kutch embroidered chaniya choli. 

chaniya choli USA

Kutch embroidery has a long history. These embroidery patterns are made in different embroidery shapes with square interlaced chains. This is one of the simplest yet most sophisticated chaniya choli trends that can turn heads.

 You can be a focal point in the Garba night by choosing a handmade Kutch embroidered chaniya choli. Adorn a Kutch embroidered choli with a lower in vibrant colors and a wide contrasting border.  

  1. Bandhani Chaniya Choli


Navratri is a festival of celebrations and colorful clothes. So, why not add more colors to your chaniya choli USA style. Choose a Bandhani that’s a tie & dye fabric to stand out. Bandhani chaniya choli online is gaining more and more popularity over time.

It is also an all-time favorite chaniya choli trend in Gujrat. You can now find new designs and patterns in Bandhani chaniya choli online collections.  Bandhani chaniya with plain high neck choli to make the most beautiful Navratri outfit. 

5.Silk fabric chaniya choli 


Silk is a classy and true fabrics king. It offers a smooth and lustrous surface you can't find in any other fabric. 

This lustrous feel of silk fabric makes it the perfect option for your Garba night celebrations. If you want to ditch the conventional chaniya choli for Navratri, try zig-zag chaniya choli. A colorful zig-zag print on your chaniya choli can let you slay your fashion game beautifully. 

Final Remarks:

These are some of the most amazing chaniya choli trends to consider for Navratri. Make sure to opt for these classic and chic chaniya choli trends to get a perfect festival look.