Ghagra Choli - Everything You Need to Know About this Indian Outfit


ghagra choli

Ghagra choli, also known as a lehenga choli, is a beautiful traditional Indian outfit often seen in many Bollywood movies. It is composed of a floor length skirt called the ghagra and a fitted garment- blouse which is meant to be worn with  ghagra or lehenga called choli .usually accompanied by additional accessories such as dupattas or scarves. Learn all about this classic Indian wear here!

History and Origin of Ghagra Choli
Ghagra choli is said to have originated in the regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The traditional style was mostly seen during festivals and special occasions like weddings and religious celebrations. Over the course of time, ghagra cholis were adapted to fit into different styles such as gypsy, bohemian, ethnic, party wear, etc. Today, ghagra cholis are still a popular choice for traditional outfits and are also used in many modern fashion shows.

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