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Hottest chaniya cholis for Navratri 2019 to look your Garba-best


Music, pujas and endless dancing!

With Navratri festivities just around the corner, it is once again time to gear up for epic Garba nights with majestic outfits like the chaniya choli for Navratri.

Find out all about the latest trends in chaniya choli online USA with this fashion guide and go big on style in the best chaniya Cholis for Garba this year.

1.Vibrant multi-colored chaniya cholis

chaniya choli

Add a pop of personality to your Garba outfit with cheerful colors in all three pieces of your chaniya choli. You can never go wrong with multi-colored outfits featuring summery hues like pink, yellow, green and blue.

Enhance your feminine charm with traditional design elements like Bandhini and hand-block prints and mirror work in the dupatta, skirt and blouse for more appeal.

2.Textures and prints on solid color

chaniya choli for garba

The head-to-toe monochromatic look is one of the hottest trends on the international fashion scene. Hence, it is no surprise that designers have incorporated it into traditional Indian outfits as well.

Pretty printed motifs and extensive embellishments on cotton or silk cholis and ghagras will add effortless style to your overall look. Steal the spotlight with skirts having interesting textures and chaniya cholis with embellishments decorating the hemline.

3.Timeless traditional motifs

chaniya choli collection 2020

Traditional Indian prints like bandhini, ikat and hand block motifs continue to be a favorite on the Garba scene. They are a fail-safe option when you are unsure of what design to pick in your chaniya choli for Navratri.

These ageless ethnic details look exquisite on silk fabric but are also seen in lighter fabrics like cotton. They add a festive touch to any setting and hence are an evergreen favorite with women performing dandiya and Garba.

4. Simple, but stunning

simple chaniya choli

Simple chaniya cholis can still be exquisite, when chosen wisely. So, choose chaniya cholis with design elegance but sans the bling, if you prefer a minimalist look.

Mix and match subtle and bold colors in different pieces of the chaniya choli and let elegant prints add a striking touch. Complete your chaniya choli for Navatri with a classy, lightweight dupatta that adds a dash of color to your outfit and you are set to rock the stage. 

5.Subtle signature details

navratri chaniya choli collection

If you are fond of traditional details, chaniya cholis with half-length sleeves and featuring small, but signature details like embroidery and lace layered hemlines are the best choice.  Often created in traditional fabrics like cotton and cotton blends, these chaniya cholis will have a modest amount of details in the blouse and skirt and keep the overall look balanced.   

You can easily dress up or dress down the classy look of such outfits with different types of accessories. Being lightweight, they are easy to carry and move around in. Hence, they are a great choice for unlimited hours of dancing.

6.Layered luxury

chaniya choli for navratri

Layered chaniya cholis for Garba are the unbeatable choice for women who prefer opulence and extravagant style. Layers of fabric will add impressive volume to a skirt with bold and attractive all-over prints. Embellishments in the hemline and waistline will further enhance the festive look of the outfit.

Layered chaniya cholis with a flourish of colors and textures are the perfect Garba garb. Modern designer versions take it up a notch with ruffled sleeves and deep cut backs as additional details.

7.Black opulence

chaniya choli collection 2019

Although Navratri is one occasion when you can go overboard with colors, embellishments and prints, there are several reasons why you should consider black. Firstly, it is one of the most slimming colors. Adornments like mirrors, beads and hand embroidery are used on opulent chaniya cholis to add exquisite charm to this traditional outfit.

You need few accessories or jewelry to complete your outfit, when your chaniya choli features intricate details. With mirror work in the sleeves, sequined borders, heavy embroidery or glass work in the blouse and textural finesse in the dupatta, your chaniya choli will do all the talking by itself.

8. Vividly white chaniya cholis

designer chaniya choli collection

Although white is not an easy color to maintain, it can create a striking presence on the Garba scene. Traditional white chaniya cholis with intricate details like sequins, hand embroidery and patchwork elements are a trending style this year. Pair it with a dupatta in a dark shade and it will create the perfect contrast for the choli and ghagra. 

Opt for this detour from the traditional colors in chaniya cholis and add a full-sleeve blouse for a contemporary touch.

9. Kalamkari printed panels

chaniya choli for garba

Step up your style game with a sensual, Kalamkari chaniya choli for Navratri. With a subtle display of hand-painted details in the form of panels in the hemline of the skirt and a keyhole cut-out in the back, the entire outfit is elegant and sophisticated. 

Similar hand-painted motifs are again repeated in the dupatta and sleeves of the choli to accentuate the appeal of this traditional outfit.

10. Rustic patchwork details

chaniya choli for garba

Patchwork prints add a stunning style statement to traditional chaniya choli for Garba. Featuring handcrafted lively details and intricate motifs with rustic finish on soft cotton fabric, patchwork chaniya cholis are extremely beautiful.

Designer patchwork chaniya cholis are light-weight, comfortable and well-suited for endless dancing. With additional details like cap sleeves, tassels or pompoms in the blouse and opulent dupattas, these outfits are exquisite works of art.

Beautiful chaniya cholis are an indispensable part of bringing alive the spirit of Navaratri. As women sway and dance to the melodious and rhythmic beats of Garba and Dandiya, these lovely outfits create an impressive scene of color and cheer.

With the wide variety of modern designs available in chaniya cholis for Navratri, there is something for everyone’s taste. Whether you prefer the simple elegance of a traditional Garba outfit or more modern versions with designer elements, it is easy to find exactly what you desire in our stunning range of chaniya cholis at Raas. Visit our collection today to go big on style this Navratri season with the best in chaniya choli online USA.