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Indian clothing is renowned for its uniqueness and charm. From the traditional saree and lehenga choli to contemporary salwar suits and Indian dresses, the exquisiteness of Indian clothing makes them stand out. 

Traditional Indian clothing has a rich history and is closely linked to the varied heritage of the country. The different empires that ruled the country before Independence have left their mark on Indian attire. This history has enriched Indian clothing in profound ways and the traditions continue to be passed down generations. 

The modern Indian fashion scene is a shining example of India’s rich history and culture. While Indian clothing USA has borrowed influences from the West, it stays true to the ethnic designs that define its very existence. The trendiest designs in Indian clothing feature a beautiful amalgamation of ethnic elements and details. Meanwhile, they also comply with most modern innovations in textile and outfit designing. 

At Raas, the Global Naari, our Indian clothing online collection blends traditional elements with contemporary fashion tenets. Our designs for Indian clothes online are inspired by fine ethnic Indian craftsmanship and traditional textile practices. We also pay close attention to versatility and functionality. The distinct but purposeful blend of colors, details, and style elements make our Indian clothing designs stand out. 

Explore our Indian clothing collection of Indian dresses, chaniya cholis, gowns, lehengas, sarees, and separates to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. We have a multitude of options to satisfy the varied preferences of global fashionistas. Embrace our unique fashion offerings and step out in style, feel confident, and look fabulous. 

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Over the past decades, Mother Earth has sustained enduring damage from our reckless fashion and lifestyle choices. The damage is so significant that at this juncture we are forced to think beyond sustainability.As an eco-sensitive and evolving fashion brand, RAAS realizes that regenerative practices are the way forward. And to reverse the existent damage, changes should begin at the grassroots. RAAS aims to make significant leaps in this direction by supporting the communities and eco-system at the fundamental level. Our efforts begin right from our manufacturing unit and extend to every aspect of the business. Read on to find out about the different steps we take to realize our vision of sustainability. 


We believe that satisfied and happy employees are the backbone of a successful business. As an ethically responsible fashion brand, all our employees receive fair wages. They work in safe and secure environments, and we give them ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. 


We are proud of the fact our intricate and artisan-quality designs are a class apart from the mass-produced stuff plaguing markets. Our outfits boast grandeur, finesse, and unique aesthetic quality because they are handmade. More importantly, choosing to use handmade allows us to support the livelihood of skilled artisans and keep traditional crafts alive. 


We focus on eco-friendly practices at every level to minimize our environmental impact. From using and repurposing fabrics to reducing fabric wastage, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint. We also use eco-friendly packaging and minimize the use of resources.