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‘Raas’-literally means ‘aesthetics’, originally derived  from an  ancient  Indian  language- Sanskrit, with  additional  meanings of “juice”, “nectar”, "emotion" or "sweet  taste” is merely not a word but a divine act and pious dance of Indian deity Lord Krishna who is worshipped  in Hinduism as  a  lord  of love, affection, care, delight, fun, enthusiasm, energy, bravery, wisdom, courage, sympathy and colors. Our effort is to gratify you with this varied amalgam of colors which exemplify nature, life, royalty, tenderness, emotions and above all creation. We, the team of ‘Raas’, feel honored and thrilled to bring you this exceptional creation of colors with utmost quality to fill your life and auspicious events with bliss of satisfaction, pride and appraisal.
Founder and owner, Shreya Patel, M.Sc. in statistics with profound knowledge and experience of arts and designing for last 15 years has decided to devote her time in all these creations, designing and quality control of the material to bring you the quality paralleled to none. She takes detailed interest in delineating each and every piece till its last fibre to please you with the superior quality and remarkable motif. Investor and co-ordinator, Dr. Rajesh  Patel, an emeritus  ophthalmologist with  over  25 years  of professional experience as a renowned and respected practitioner in India, has decided to fulfill the dream of his wife to provide the best quality garments and worthwhile service to the valued customers through co-ordinating between the members of the production team. Axi Patel, MD and an assistant designer with a great vision of integrating traditional arts and designs into the modern fabrics is an asset to ‘Raas’.
We wholeheartedly thank our main production team at Anand, Gujarat and also at Jaipur and Mumbai. Nitinbhai Solanki, a prime couturier keeps an eye on each & every aspect of stitching to make the outfits perfect, as a part of our mission. Prakash also looks after our automated high output tailoring and embroidery unit at Anand. Our selection team under our close observation and guidance hand-picks certain quality articles from the market of Kutch and Jaipur.
We are also planning to expand our tailoring unit in Chicago, IL to serve you with the highest standard Indian clothing in a short period of time. We highly appreciate your interest and look forward to serving you soon….!!